Steampunk Gears Yard Sale

Be on the lookout for Steampunk Gears!

Steampunk Machine

steampunk gears

Its that time of year again. Everyone is out and about in the summer air and cleaning out basements, attics, and garages. This is the time to be on the lookout for great Steampunk gears items and sales. You'd be surprised how many old clocks that I find at yard sales for under $5.00 - with a little tinkering you can bust those open and harvest all the internal gears for your Steampunk projects. I'm always a fan of multifamily yard sales as you can find a larger collection of things to go through for Steampunk items. Also be on the look out for estate sales. These can be discouraging sometimes as the prices are auction values, but if you're bidding on something that no one else wants you can get it for dirt cheap! So get out the gloves and go visit your local Steampunk gears yard sales - they are happening all over the place, right now!

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