A Steampunks Artist Statement

SteampunkA Steampunks Artist Statement

This page will serve to reflect as both an artist statement as well as a questionnaire to myself and where I envision myself going within the Steampunk culture. This space will be expanded the more I explore the world of Steampunk as well as the depths and unknown corners of self.

I find myself at an interesting cross road of self examination. On the one side of the intersection is the digital world and all its glory. I live, work, and play in this world as a network engineer, avid gamer, and photographer. On the other side of the intersection stands the artist, the internal thinker. This "artist" perceives the world in a very different way then the network persona does.

One seeks order and alignment, nothing more is questioned then is needed to fulfill the task at hand. While this existence can be serviceable to the mind on one level does it offer enough to sustain a lifetime of repetitive task without completely loosing what individuality was given at birth? Is the weight of questioning perception too much to bear without fully entrenching ones self in the world of an artist?

The other persona questions every reality and perception of that reality until it finds either something it wants to believe, or perhaps even more dangerously it finds an unequivocal Truth that it is unprepared for. Does the need to seek Truth drive an artist? This is perhaps the question that I struggle with most - the art that I see in my head is derived from what experience or fragmentation's of realities past melded together to form a new perception of what is current reality.

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